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19, Falmouth / Manchester. Zoologist / The next David Attenborough. I took a gap year & blogged my way up the East Coast of Australia #Oz I'm now studying at the University of Exeter (Cornwall Campus) trying to make my way into Wildlife Documentaries & invading your television screens. I intend to blog about a few serious, professional topics (maybe) but #100HappyDays has inspired me to try and catch the memories of University life. M x

17th March

I joined the Wild Documentary society when I started university & I’ve recently become a team member. Today the society hosted a talk from Steve Backshall (BBC, Deadly 60 presenter). Steve spoke about the recent trip he’d been on and how he got to where he is now. I want his job. So much.

Watching footage of him kayaking alongside orcas and humpback whales was amazing. To travel the world searching for such awesome animals is definitely my idea of time well spent.

Basically I want to invade your television screen with my face getting super excited cause I’ve just spotted a rare species. I really want to swim with sharks (I’ll only tell my mum after the event) and raise awareness of conservation efforts. I’ll be the first presenter who screams “It’s behind you. Run. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE” at a baby cheater being stalked by a hyena. Queeny will love me and give me a knighthood. Sir Emma Dwan (sounds cooler than Dame). Me and Sir Davey-boy Attenborough will regularly meet for afternoon tea. Life plan sorted…

Steve also did a careers talk with a smaller group of us and it highlighted how hard it will be to get into the industry. For one one research position with the BBC they received over 5000 applications. It’s going to be incredibly difficult just to even get a shot at it.

The biggest challenge at the moment is simply getting experience. Competition is incredibly high and it costs a lot of money to volunteer with projects. I am determined though and I’ve been getting involved with everything possible at Uni. Maybe the next step is to get a camera and start filming. Steve Backshall borrowed his neighbours camcorder and filmed his own expedition, he sold the film to National Geographic and they employed him. Although he said he definitely wouldn’t recommend that route. I haven’t a clue how I’ll get there but I’m going to give it a very good shot!


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100 Happy Days

12th March 2014

Falmouth, Cornwall. UK. (not Australia *sob*)

The other night I had a really weird dream that made me think a lot. My family were gathered at my Gran’s house and there was a phone in the snug that could connect to the dead. My family obviously chose to speak to my Grandad, and when it was my turn that was obviously what I meant to do. But then the dream skipped and I was stood with a dead character from Breaking Bad who began to sob hysterically and apologise to me for putting me through it all. I told them there was no need because I really enjoyed the series. Dreams, hey? When I woke up I apologised to my Nana and Grandad for not ringing them.

I’ve been ill lately and my parents sent down a package of vitamins (and Dad.. They taste disgusting. Sam wants to film me when I eat the next one cause he said it’s like something out of a bush tucker trial) and because my Mum is such a babe she sent down a St.Paddy’s themed box too.

There was an envelope titled “Memories from Nana.. x” and as soon as a saw it I choked up before I had even opened it. My Nana passed away in my last year of Primary school and honestly not a day goes by when I don’t think about her.

When I was a kid I was pretty awkward and was ill on holiday quite a few times. We went to Ireland and I ended up in hospital because I had a fit. I don’t remember much but I know I had a bandage on my hand because I named it Fred. I was quite attached to Fred (pun intended). My Gran and Grandad got me a Teletubbie balloon too. Basically I just remember the perks, sure my family will tell you a different story.

My Nana sent me a present & this card

Dear Emma (to be read with an Irish accent!)

I’m sorry you’ve been poorly,
I’m sorry you’ve been sick,
So I’ve sent this little gift to you,
- and hope you’re over ‘it’

Next time you visit Ireland,
I’ll try to make a magic spell,
So that the sun shines every day,
- and you stay fit and well.

With lots of love
From: Lenny Leprechaun xxxxx

Maybe it was from Lenny, but it looks very similar to my Nana’s handwriting, so I’m counting it.

The first two lines really got me. My Nana battled with cancer for so many years. I could’ve said the same thing to her.

The dream made me think about what I’d say to my grandparents if I could have one more phone call. I know with Nana it’d be one very long gossip. High school, prom, boyfriends, dresses, high heels, those scary German men I like, Australia, university, Grandad, Mum, Carol, Charlie. So much missed but so much to share. And that’s what made me happy. I have SO much to share with her and she’d be so proud of that. You may disagree with me, I don’t care about that, but I believe I’ll get to share that gossip. One day.

The card brought back a lot of happy memories of my Nana. She was amazing. Must be where my Mum gets it from.

I intend to start blogging again. This made me realise how much I’m taking for granted, the days at Uni are passing by so quick and I can’t just let them escape. I know my family will appreciate it and even though it won’t be my Australian adventures I’m sure I’ll find a good few Cornish ones to share. I can’t promise 100 days of it (finding time between sleeping and eating can be hard!.. And I do have exams soon) maybe just a picture not a full blog, but I’ll give it a shot.


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St Paddy’s themed box from my Mum with added David Beckham. She knows me well 😍 #uni #falmouth #cornwall #stpatrick #davidbeckham #100happydays #mostfoodhasalreadybeenconsumed

St Paddy’s themed box from my Mum with added David Beckham. She knows me well 😍 #uni #falmouth #cornwall #stpatrick #davidbeckham #100happydays #mostfoodhasalreadybeenconsumed

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Haha, love it. #Rammstein #TillLindemann

Haha, love it. #Rammstein #TillLindemann

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First Quidditch lesson! #hogwarts #potter #quidditch #slytherin #university

First Quidditch lesson! #hogwarts #potter #quidditch #slytherin #university

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Wuhlheide tickets have arrived, such great memories! #wuhlheide #rammstein #berlin

Wuhlheide tickets have arrived, such great memories! #wuhlheide #rammstein #berlin

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New shirt 😁 #IronMaiden #O2 #London #MaidenEngland

New shirt 😁 #IronMaiden #O2 #London #MaidenEngland

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Wearing my wristbands & Slipknot shirt with pride 😁 Wish I could do it all over again! #DL2013 #Download #Festival #Slipknot #Donington

Wearing my wristbands & Slipknot shirt with pride 😁 Wish I could do it all over again! #DL2013 #Download #Festival #Slipknot #Donington

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My new favourite cups 😉 #wuhlheide #berlin #rammstein

My new favourite cups 😉 #wuhlheide #berlin #rammstein

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I was so close to his beautiful face 😍😛 #Doom #Rammstein #Wuhlheide #Berlin #christophschneider

I was so close to his beautiful face 😍😛 #Doom #Rammstein #Wuhlheide #Berlin #christophschneider

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😉 #TillLindemann #Rammstein

😉 #TillLindemann #Rammstein

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24th May. Rammstein - Wuhlheide, Berlin. Meet & Greet.

Woke up with a right headache. Vodka seems to be a lot stronger over here! To be honest it probably didn’t help that I’d only eaten a few mini pretzels & a bratwurst all day. I’ve eaten so much today to make up for it though, manic munchies.

We headed into Alexanderplatz (oh it’s so good to be back!) for lunch and in search of a wifi connection. Fortunately Starbucks hand it out for free! We took out the Rammstein Kollektiv Rammfam flag with us & I posed with it for its debut! As Kath said, what a great place for it!

Then back to the apartment to get changed. I was so excited & incredibly nervous! It’s pretty chilly out but I decided on shorts & a very thin blouse. Oh the things I do for Rammstein. I was cold. SOOO KALT. Took the Kollektiv flag out with us too.

Met up at the Bier Garten with Heini, Tuomas and Lynn & had another good laugh. We started teaching Heini & Tuomas British slang and then somehow got on to swearing & insults. We’re such bad influences! The Brits bringing the tone down! AGAIN.

I wore the Kollektiv flag like a cape on our journey to Wuhlheide. Spreading the word! We got on a train full of Rammstein shirts so we knew it was the right one. Tuomas was in charge of navigating & he did a fine job (good job someone knew where they were going). Wuhlheide is an outdoor arena & it’s in woodlands so it’s quite a walk through the middle of nowhere from the station, but we were in very good company!

Our Meet & Greet instructions told us to meet at the box office where we bumped into Shannon again & Hollee. Maya & Zanna were waiting there too and Matthias & Magdalena joined us for a bit. There was a lot of nervous laughter! Plenty of Tic Tac based jokes too.

A lady came to collect us & lead us backstage. Arh, backstage at Rammstein! Eek. She looked at me in barely any clothing & kindly offered me her coat. I politely declined, I had my hoodie with me but that was for after I’d met them, I wasn’t going to give in! I should point out that backstage at an outdoor arena is also outdoor, so I was absolutely freezing. Hollee gave me a hug in an attempt to warm me up which was highly appreciated. We seemed to be waiting for ages. I noticed I could see into Ollie & Doom’s changing room, score. I could only see the top of Doom’s head but because Ollie is so tall I could see him topless. I sound like a right perve but I was just seizing the opportunity! I was subtle about it, I wasn’t pressed up against the window or anything. If it was Till I probably would’ve been though!

Another woman came out to us, asked if we could speak German but none of us could so fortunately everything was in English. We were then told to line up & she explained the band would sign our item (I had the DVD collection) and we could have a quick picture but it would be very fast.

Flake was the first to come out, completely white & in his sparkly suit. He was really chatty & friendly. I love his signature, so simple but just so Flake. He knelt down so far so he was the same height as me. I don’t why why that man hasn’t got more fangirls! I’ve got a real soft spot for him now! He is incredibly charming.

Then Doom, who is gorgeous, I’ve not really noticed it before but I would’ve been willing to lick that coffee off him, and I don’t even like coffee! I was stood next to him as he was chatting to Rachael. During mid conversation Paul made an appearance… topless. Rachael’s attention was diverted straight away & poor Doom was blanked! Bless him. Doom looked so confused, he looked at Rachael, then at me & then back at Rachael, “Photo?” but Rachael was too distracted to even notice! He looked back at me “Awhh, come here Doom, I’ll have a photo with you!” He laughed & I’m sure he’s well aware who Rachael’s favourite is! Poor Doom.

Richard then came over to me, flashbacks of last night made me smirk, but he was so lovely. “Hallo, how’re you?” (his American accent amuses me) “I’m great thanks, how’re you?” “Haha, oh I’m very good thank you. Picture? You must be cold.” Oh I am pal, I really am!

Heini had brought Messer along to ask Till to sign her favourite poem. Richard approached her (obviously not realising what it was!) & very kindly asked:

“Would you like me to sign that?”
His face dropped & so did Heini’s when she realised how blunt she was! She then explained it was just for Till to sign but Tuomas had the MiG book for him to sign. Poor RZK! He looked so confused, I don’t reckon he’s used to fans telling him no!

Rachael had finally released Paul! “Paul, could you please pull your grumpy face with me?” “Of course, no one ever asks me that!” which produced my favourite picture from the night! Paul is adorable & so incredibly kind, he never stopped smiling. Well, apart from when posing for photos!

Rachael was so distracted by Paul she completely missed Till. She didn’t see him until he was walking off. How the hec do you miss a 6ft, bright blonde, beauty of a German?! There’s a photo of Rachael stood next to Till looking in the opposite direction, probably still at Paul!

Ollie appeared next to me & I said the thing I really didn’t want to say, “You’re so tall..” Stating the obvious there. But he laughed & said he’d lean down, tah Ollie! He looked awesome.

I turned round to see what everyone else was up to only to turn right into Till. I think I just stared at him because he had to say “Would you like me to sign that for you?” before it even registered. He’s seriously good looking. I didn’t have time to have a picture with Till but I’m just glad I’ve got all their signatures. I thought Till was going to be huge so I was surprised when I didn’t have to lean my neck back to look at him. He’s stunning (Yes… I am a Till girl).

Funniest moment from the M&G was when Maya was trying to take a picture of Till with Zanna & she was so nervous (bless her!) she was shaking & couldn’t manage to press the shutter. In his deep German accent Till said “Press the button, baby!”

It was so quick but I don’t have a problem with that, I’m just so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet them. It was great to share it with friends too.

We were lead back into the arena & wished a good night by the woman who’d taken us backstage. We then split off to find a good spot each. I somehow managed to end up between Till & Richard, 3 rows from the front.

Started off with fireworks in the distance with Ich Tu Dir Weh, then the curtain dropped & Till lowers down in the pink fluffy coat. I don’t know how he pulls that off but he does!

Favourite parts;
- Till giving Flake the finger when Flake was Till hammering.
- Till laughing during the line ‘
das Gesicht interessiert mich nicht/your face does not interest me’ as he pointed to Flake
- Till pointing at Ollie for ‘zu groβ ’ Paul for ‘zu klein’
- Ollie coming down a lot more often, even singing parts of Bück Dich.
- The crowd singing Du Hast, thumbs up from Till. Richard looked impressed.
- Feuer Frei face flamethrowers.
- Links 2 3 4, made me giggle when Till was marching because I do that along to the song with weights when I work out!
- The DRSG march & headbang!
- Wiener Blut, I don’t think I’ve ever shouted so loud in my life. “IN DER DUNKELHEIIIIIT.” I love what they did to it too, RZK has a solo & Flake has a bit too. YouTube it, it’s ace. I was buzzing.
- Pussy. I love that song live! I was soaked by the dick-AH.

There were quite a few things that went wrong. Till started spinning his arms during WIDBIFS? and nothing happened.. I was like I’m sure something is supposed to happen now. A guy managed to get onto the stage & was quickly pounced on by security. A few more pyros didn’t work either but I can’t say I noticed!

Richard was awesome tonight. He may have disappointed a lot of fans at the past few shows but tonight he didn’t. He came over to the corner of the stage & when everyone was watching Till, I woo-ed & pointed at him and he noticed! Happy Emma.

Concert ended *sob* and I ran up to find Rachael where we said we’d meet. I was completely buzzing. Met up with everyone again & headed back to the centre.

I’m black & blue and very sore! I was jumping up and down like a maniac. Can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow!

Absolutely amazing night. I can’t believe it!

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